The New Big Ball with Neil Hamburger

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Spaghetti Night

A man takes home a lot of leftover spaghetti from a potluck.

Sommore: Chandelier Status

Sommore, the funniest and most elegant comedian on the scene, brings her unique brand of hip-hop comedy to this filmed stage show, shot on location in...

The Homeboy

Realizing that he is dangerously close to becoming a "Where Are They Now" casualty, MC², an arrogant red-haired rap star from the plush New Jersey sub...

It Might Be Worse

George convinces his friend John that suicide isn't the answer.

Bumping Into Broadway

A young playwright spends his last cent to pay the past-due rent for the pretty dancer who's his boarding house next-door neighbor. Soon after, he win...

Steve Harvey's Grand Finale

King of Comedy Steve Harvey will perform his final stand-up comedy show on Thursday, August 2 at 11PM EST LIVE on Pay-Per-View. The final show will ma...

The Booby Hatch

The creators of the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD bring you THE BOOBY HATCH, a zany comedy full of schlocky humor, nudity and sex! Sweet and innoc...

Kicking the Dog

Twelve friends spend one last great summer together, partying and reminiscing, ultimately realizing they will soon go their separate ways in life

Hollywood In Trouble

The writing/directing debut of City Lights/PM Entertainment co-founder Joseph Merhi, this semi-autobiographical screwball comedy follows the adventure...

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