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- Montes Claros
Michael Piller


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Young Mother Hubbard

Forced by the death of her mother to care for her three brothers and sisters, little Mona Fairfax is known to farmers of her district as Young Mother...

Half a Sinner

A con man poses as a hillbilly preacher.

Dorothy Marie and the Unanswered Questions of the Zombie Apocal...

A unique dramatic-comedy about a young couple in the early stages of their relationship, facing their first major crossroad when a terrible disease sp...


Swain is inspired by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Fanshawe, features a dreamlike narrative of a young man’s ritualized rejection of heterosexuality, as a mys...

The Loveless

Trouble ensues when a motorcycle gang stops in a small southern town while heading to the races at Daytona.

Tarnished Notes

Based on true events, Tarnished Notes tells the story of a love triangle murder between a southern Baptist minister of music, his wife, and their love...


A former prizefighter tries to help his son pay off his gambling debts.

The Symbol of the Unconquered

Racists learn that the land a negro owns lies over a vast oil field, and threaten his life when he refuses to sell.

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